30 Day Abs Challenge

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$19.99 for 1 month


30 day abs challenge is designed to strengthen your core by covering all the basics of abdominal training. This program is built for all levels of training. Every day you're going to feel your core get stronger and stronger. After the 30 days you will see and feel the difference. If you're looking for life changing results, this challenge is for you.

PROGRAM WILL BEGIN THE DAY YOU JOIN. After purchase , log in with your email and the password you created by clicking log in. All of your info will be avaiable from the drop down menu. *YOU WILL NOT BE EMAILED A PROGRAM, YOU MUST LOG IN*

1 review for 30 Day Abs Challenge

  1. Jessica b

    Omg! This an challenge is something else! I messed up my first month and wasn’t consistent but still actually seen some results so I’m halfway through my second month doing this challenge again and really seeing more changes. I use a measuring tape to keep track of my progress and lost 1inch around my waist! So happy! Thank you for the challenge, i needed this extra push. I also purchased the dumbbell challenge as well.

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